Job hunters often use titles as quick descriptors, but in the field of ISD a job title may have more than one meaning. For example, the job title “trainer” could be listed under headings such as Education, Human Resources, or Technology. A “trainer” could be in the job description, but the position title could be “Human Resource Coordinator.” Every company lists jobs with different titles, specifications and requirements.

The following job titles have explanations describing the functions and necessary skills an employee will need to have before obtaining such a position.

Instructional Designer

Develops instructional material, coordinates, writes and edits educational content, and incorporates current technology for educators developing specific curricula. Evaluates and confirms learning objectives through ongoing needs assessments. Performs design, development, execution and evaluation. Designs and develops print, classroom and on-the-job training materials.

Other similar titles: Instructional Coordinator, Educational Consultant, Instructional Material Director, Human Resource Specialist, Instructional Design Technology Specialist

E-Learning Specialist

Works closely with internal employees to implement and maintain web-based training. Designs, develops, and deploys e-learning content based on business needs. Provides reporting to management on web-based training progression and completion, student usage, and instructor-led training completions. Provides technical support for the organization or educational institution. Implements and evaluates instruction for adult learners. Updates multi-media instructional design.

Other similar titles: E-Learning Developer, Learning Facilitator, E-Learning Curriculum Coordinator

Training Specialist

Designs and coordinates training programs based on organizational and employee needs. Conducts training courses. Interfaces with the internal and external clients on behalf of the organization. Performs interviews and consultation surveys with management to analyze training needs. Assists in compiling training manuals for specific topics. Assists and encourages staff members in developmental growth through skill level assessments and programs. Develops training resources by preparing notes and visual displays in coordination with training needs and specific departmental needs.

Other similar titles: Training and Development Specialist, Training Coordinator, Education and Development Liaison, Director of Employee Education, Training Facilitator, Staff Development Specialist, Education Specialist, Human Resource Specialist

Training Manager

Develops and facilitates professional training and development, learning initiatives, and training recommendations for specific disciplines. Develops guiding principles and strategic direction for internal and external education that meets professional, business and client service needs. Selects and supervises training staff. Evaluates instructor performance. Conducts comprehensive needs assessments and determine subsequent training and development priorities. Provides consultation to management for development of job-specific training, including research and evaluation and selection of outside consultants and trainers.

Other similar titles: ISD Project Director, Director of Performance Enhancement

Curriculum Developer

Develops the curriculum architecture for specific frameworks. Strategically focuses on improving business results through appropriate, effective training programs that are designed on best practices, including sound instructional design and adult learning methodologies. Ensures that established goals are accomplished on time, on budget, and within defined scope.

Organizational Developer

Conducts needs assessment, instructional design, training delivery, OD interventions, executive coaching, performance management issue analysis and solutions, and use project management skills. Solves significant business problems through the application of principles of adult learning, instructional design and development and performance technology. Manages metrics reporting and analysis, and creates organizational survey design, analysis and reporting.

Other similar titles: Performance Management Coordinator, Human Resource Specialist

Leadership Development Manager

Manages the analysis, design, development, implementation, evaluation and administration of leadership/management development processes, programs and solutions. Delivers senior and mid-level management training. Coordinates all activities around leadership development. Manages career progression and talent reviews processes. Advises executive team on development planning for staff. Identifies and documents other needs of the organization around management development as they surface. Conducts needs assessments to ascertain management training and development requirements.

Distance (e-Learning) Learning System Support Specialist

Assists faculty in designing and preparing web-based materials for distance education programs, provides technical assistance to students enrolled in distance education courses, and designs and maintains Web sites.

Manager Technical Training

Conducts and manages technical training programs. Manages training staff and assists with conducting training in-house or at customer location. Assists in writing and approving training programs. Provides technical training for instructional staff and manages new technology.

Learning Designer

Plans, designs, and develops self-paced web-based, high-impact classroom and conference programs. Manages the development and delivery of live web casts and classroom / conference learning, ensuring efficient interaction with the delivery team. Monitors quality of course materials and learner experiences for learning programs and evaluates learning solutions.

Other similar titles: Distance Learning System Support Specialist, Learning Specialist

Director of Recruitment

Provides leadership, directs and manages the overall recruitment effort of the company. Position is integral part of Human Resource leadership team, working with all levels of management to proactively and strategically align the need for talent with business goals. Executes staffing strategies to identify, attract, recruit and hire the best talent. Needs the ability to conduct web-based applicant tracking, candidate sourcing, and cold calling in conjunction with traditional recruitment methods.

Technical Writer/Editor

Creates, standardizes and maintains web content. Works with management to refine requirements and develop content for business areas. Acts as liaison to outside clients. Assists in writing and maintaining content management systems and translates approved content into web pages.

Multimedia Education Specialist

Produces multimedia production for online content. Provides one-on-one (both face-to-face and online) consultation to subject matter experts and faculty in exploring possibilities and constructing content. Uses various instructional technologies to improve teaching and learning. Jointly develops, designs, and conducts instructional technology. Utilizes development software (examples could be Dreamweaver and Flash) to devise courses and programs. Develops action plans, timetables, benchmarks, quantitative targets for the online programs and projects. Conducts project outreach and assists on working with vendors and external project developers. Assists with curricular development and program delivery.

Communication Specialist

Develops project plans and strategies and manages communications projects. Writes and updates appropriate communications solutions for target audiences. Coordinates the design, preparation, production of communications solutions. Presents and distributes communications to target audiences. Consults with project managers to assess impacts of project scope and implications throughout project timelines, including development of strategies, readiness assessments, development of training and communications. Provide communications consulting and support for executive leaders and key managers. Must demonstrate an understanding of customer goals and effectively participate in the development and implementation of business solutions.

If any of these have piqued your interest, and you would like to learn more about the opportunities and educational requirements of such ISD-related positions, make an appointment with our ISD Career Development Specialist.

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