How to Choose the Best Career
best career

On average, people will spend one-third of their day – or another way to look at it, half of their waking hours – at work. That’s a lot of one’s life aimed in one direction. What a gift it would be if that time could be spent in the company of good vibes, passion, satisfaction, and inspiring activity.

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8 Career Tips to Stay on Top
Career Tips

To stay on top of your game requires focus, determination, and training. To achieve this level of career success, you’ll need to bring the best version of yourself to every work every day.

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Want to Get Ahead? Be a Self-Starter.

Are you proactive? If not, you might want to consider why you should be. We sat down with Rafi E. Ahmad, Adjunct Instructor, UMBC, ISD Graduate Program, to talk about the importance of being a self-starter. “One of the best traits a successful professional can possess is to be proactive in everything he/she does,” says […]

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