6 Ways to Design Effective eLearning Courses

To design effective eLearning courses, one must pay special attention to the nuances that can make or break a learning environment. A critical component to a successful course is one that is well-designed in terms of being engaging, practical and easy to navigate. For a course to be effective, students must be interested and motivated […]

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Got Game?

Written by Steve Sugar- UMBC ISD adjunct faculty member, writer and teacher of low-tech learning games. Low-tech fun can equate to high-powered learning. Successful low-tech training games are easy to describe. They’re simple in design and fun to play.  A successful game can energize content and deliver powerful learning. Games Promote Learning Games introduce a […]

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How to Build Engaging and Interactive eLearning Courses

Last month, the UMBC’s ISD Graduate Program welcomed Tom Kuhlmann to campus to host an ISD Now Workshop on “How to Build Engaging and Interactive eLearning Courses.” Kuhlmann, VP of Articulate’s Community and blogger at Rapid eLearning, joined the ISD Now Community for a day of discussion about the opportunities and challenges associated with eLearning. […]

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