eLearning Quality

When I tell people that I am a college professor, they usually ask me what I teach. When I tell them that I teach instructional design and e-learning development, I often get a puzzled look from them.

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How A Junk Mail Flyer Changed My Career
junk mail

Who would have thought that receiving a junk mail flyer in my mailbox would have changed my career? How was I to know that this one particular flyer would have a significant impact on my professional life? Dr. Greg Williams, Program Director for UMBC’s ISD Graduate Program, shares his story of how junk mail changed […]

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The Emotional Impact of Schematic Faces
schematic faces

Many might agree, schematic faces, or emoticons, have a way of sweeping into our minds and filling us with joy, sadness, anger, and many other emotions. How amazing is it that a simple line drawing can affect us on such an emotional level? The Power in Schematic Faces Smiley faces can make us laugh, giggle, […]

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