SMEs From the Ground Up with Dr. Chuck Hodell

On October 23, the UMBC ISD program was lucky enough to have Dr. Chuck Hodell present at the ISD Now Forum. Dr. Hodell’s interactive presentation focused on SMEs From the Ground Up. Dr. Hodell provided practical information on how to identify different types of SMEs, how to determine SME selection criteria specific to one’s needs, and how to […]

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Why You Should Create Instructional Objectives
instructional objectives

Instructional objectives help to improve learning. Good instructional objectives are observable and measurable. They can be easily created using the ABCD method (below). For maximum effectiveness, an instructor’s course content and activities should match the course’s instructional objectives. Characteristics of Good Instructional Objectives: 1. Identifies who should perform 2. Describes what learner is to do […]

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