Charting a salary plan can help you achieve more.

Browse the newsfeed of Facebook on any given day and you’re bound to see quotes that say things like the harder you work, the more you’ll reap and to realize your dreams you’ve got to take appropriate steps toward them.

Listen to any motivational speaker and the advice that comes out loud and clear is a person must have a plan and take action on it to be successful in his/her pursuit. Without a plan, a person leaves success up to luck. That’s a gamble, and a risky one at that.

When planning for success in your eLearning career, it’s imperative to sketch out your goals.

  • With what kind of company do you want to work?
  • For whom do you want to work?
  • What kind of salary do you expect to be earning?

Having a clear image of these answers will allow you to chart your course and take appropriate actions to get there.

If you know you want to earn a certain amount of money in five years, what are you doing to make that happen? Leaving it up to luck will not work effectively. You must analyze the market, understand the strengths and weaknesses of it, and decide on how best to utilize your resources and knowledge to place yourself on the path you wish to be traveling.

The eLearning Industry wrote a fantastic article on this very subject, and they included some interesting facts and research to back up their findings. They offered a close look at what eLearning salary will be like 5 years from today, and they shared 6 factors that may influence eLearning salary.

Over to you. What are your thoughts on this?

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