8 Career Tips to Stay on Top
Career Tips

To stay on top of your game requires focus, determination, and training. To achieve this level of career success, you’ll need to bring the best version of yourself to every work every day.

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Education in Action – Alumna Ashley Bunn

We have a story to tell you about education in action. After making her resume public on Indeed.com, Ashley Bunn received an email from the Director of Learning and Development for an international pizza franchise. After a few conversations, she agreed to interview for a position in the learning and development department. What most piqued […]

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How to Find an ISD Position

Submitted by Dr. Stuart Weinstein, Adjunct Instructor, UMBC ISD Graduate Program The guidance and techniques that many job search firms, university placement offices, and resume books promote just don’t work in today’s job application environment. First, you are submitting your resume and personal data to a computer program that scans the documents looking for “preselected” […]

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