3 Job Searching Tips for Instructional Technologists

We wanted to share some job searching tips from Connie Malamed, blogger at the eLearning Coach, and a close friend of ISD Now. She recently shared her podcast on “Finding a Job in Instructional Technology,” with us. In the podcast, Connie interviews Joe Fournier, Director of Instructional Design and Technology, who has hired several individuals within the […]

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What are Some Tricks to Google Search?

Curious about knowing some tricks to Google search? They do exist. Most of us who are busy professionals are trying to save time. We’ve only got so many hours in a day to get things accomplished. If you’re like most, you’ve probably researched the best ways to streamline processes and create systems to make life easier and help you work more efficiently […]

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6 Ways to Design Effective eLearning Courses

To design effective eLearning courses, one must pay special attention to the nuances that can make or break a learning environment. A critical component to a successful course is one that is well-designed in terms of being engaging, practical and easy to navigate. For a course to be effective, students must be interested and motivated […]

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When Your Go-To-Person is Gone!

Written by: Ryan McShane Are you prepared if your “go-to employee” leaves? We all have them – a go-to-person in our organization. You know the one.  We call on them when no one else can (get ‘r done) and when we need it done yesterday.  And… we do this often. So, what happens when your […]

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