When we think about ISD design and development, a few questions may come to mind. For instance, what skill is more important in creating a course? Design or development?  Another, are they overlapping skills? Can they feed off one another? Lastly, can you be successful at one skill and not the other?

As an instructional systems development professional, focus will be on the combination of design and development.  

ISD Design and Development

Let’s first investigate the ISD field in general. As a whole, the dynamic field of ISD churns constantly. New tools and ideas spring to life and inject themselves into this ever-changing and advancing field. These advances create a wave that challenges ISD professionals to stay current in their learning. That being said, professionals should always have a keen eye on both ISD design and development.

A designer’s main objective is to create a platform that is accessible, beautiful, and informative. Clients should be able to navigate a design with ease.

Developers need to be able to speak the language of the client. They are the problem solver and the detective. Furthermore, developers need to learn various applications, analyze potential limitations, and discover hidden strengths.

One might be able to see how having both ISD design capability and development efficiency are important. They go together like pasta and marinara sauce. Sure you technically can eat one without the other, but would you want to? A bowl of pasta on its own lacks flavor and zest. A bowl of marinara sauce might taste yummy, but on its own would be rather cumbersome to eat. To create material worth ingesting, design and development would ideally be tossed together.

Furthermore, professionals in this field must possess a good combination of knowledge, skills, and abilities. If looking to beef up or refine this combination of critical areas, check out some of the insightful posts at The eLearning Coach. The site is full of resources and articles to keep you informed on everything ISD.

ISD Graduate Program

If you’re looking for further education to add more depth to your career credentials, the Instructional Systems Development Graduate Program at UMBC can help. The program is geared towards professionals who design, develop, support and focus on performance within organizations.  Most of all, design and development is necessary for creating effective instruction while tending to the growing technologies in the marketplace. As a result, students are taught how to understand both development and design in order to be effective in the field. Furthermore, for students there will be emphasis on working with real projects with actual clients.  Consequently, students will develop a portfolio of their work samples to show their competencies and begin networking with professionals in the field.

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