Visual representations of information, data or knowledge, often referred to as infographics, have taken off in the past year. If you spend a moderate amount of time consuming online media, you probably stumble onto a few a week. Fast Company even has an “Infographic of the Day” section on its website!

Have you thought about how these visual representations of data and information can be instrumental for instruction? Tom Kuhlmann explored the topic in regards to e-Learning in his blog post a few months ago.  In his post, he provided tips for compelling infographic design, such as highlighting only the most pertinent information and color/font choice.

Now, if your Photoshop skills are lacking, and your graphic designer(s) is/are already swamped, thinking about designing a complex infographic, like the one below on Envisioning the Future of Educational Technology (click to enlarge), may make you uneasy. Relax—there are many free resources out there that can be used to create stellar infographics. Just this week, Katie Lepi, a contributor to Edudemic, outlined 10 resources for do-it-yourself infographics.

This visualization is the result of a collaboration between the design for learning experts TFE Research and emerging technology strategist Michell Zappa.

While the resources outlined in the Edudemic article may provide the same flexibility as a custom-designed graphic, why not test the waters using these resources? As blogger and consultant Chris Lema points out in his infographic on “Sticky Teaching,” 50% of our brains focus on processing visual information, after all.

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