How to be more Persuasive as an ISD Professional

In order to be a more persuasive ISD professional in the work place, the ability to influence others is important. This is true whether you need to convince someone to take on a service you’re offering or learn something new. By doing so, you could be leading a team to success. Therefore, your ability to drive others can have a large impact on your overall success.

How can an ISD professional learn to be more persuasive?

The ISD Master’s Program at UMBC incorporates this skill into many of its courses and encourages students to practice their powers of persuasion. The program helps develop influence further with its portfolio curriculum.

Additionally, the e-learning coach is a helpful resource that includes business-minded articles. Topics include, Persuading Clients To Accept Your Course Design which can help students develop these skills. Another, great resource is The Rapid eLearning Blog by Tom Kuhlman.

To further help you develop your skills, we’ve put together an infographic with some tips to help you become more persuasive in your ISD career.


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