An Experiment on Human Behavior

As Instructional Designers, it’s important to present information in a way that effectively communicates an idea, while at the same time eliciting behavior that creates momentum in applying it. Human Behavior Examined Can physically experiencing something cause us to act in a different way had we not experienced it? If you simply read about what […]

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Experiential Learning and The Role of Video Games

“All a video game is is a set of problems that you must solve in order to win,” James Gee said in the video below.  Gee, who has been deemed a games and learning expert is a professor of literacy studies in the department of English at Arizona State University. The Effects of Experiential Learning As reported […]

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Scenario-Based eLearning: What it Is and Why it’s Important

Connie Malamed, blogger at the eLearning Coach, recently interviewed Ruth Colvin Clark, PhD, for a podcast that explored topics related to scenario-based e-learning. What is scenario-based learning? In the podcast, Dr. Clark started off with providing a definition of what exactly a scenario is. While she said scenario-based learning has several names and definitions, she […]

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