Want to Get Ahead? Be a Self-Starter.

Are you proactive? If not, you might want to consider why you should be. We sat down with Rafi E. Ahmad, Adjunct Instructor, UMBC, ISD Graduate Program, to talk about the importance of being a self-starter. “One of the best traits a successful professional can possess is to be proactive in everything he/she does,” says […]

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Chart a Five-Year eLearning Salary Plan
Five-Year Salary Plan

Charting a salary plan can help you achieve more. Browse the newsfeed of Facebook on any given day and you’re bound to see quotes that say things like the harder you work, the more you’ll reap and to realize your dreams you’ve got to take appropriate steps toward them. Listen to any motivational speaker and […]

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How to Find an ISD Position

Submitted by Dr. Stuart Weinstein, Adjunct Instructor, UMBC ISD Graduate Program The guidance and techniques that many job search firms, university placement offices, and resume books promote just don’t work in today’s job application environment. First, you are submitting your resume and personal data to a computer program that scans the documents looking for “preselected” […]

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