Want to Get Ahead? Be a Self-Starter.

A self-starter is someone who takes action on tasks to keep momentum strong. Through proactively pursuing a goal, a self-starter sets herself up for success. She also helps to inspire others to do the same. We love this topic. So we decided to sit down with Rafi E. Ahmad, Adjunct Instructor, UMBC ISD Graduate Program. […]

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5 Interesting Facts About Body Language
body language

Our bodies are constantly speaking for us, whether we realize it or not. Through body language, we can interpret personality traits, feelings, and attitudes simply through visuals of facial expressions and movements. People Can Identify Aspects Of Your Personality People communicate through both verbal and nonverbal methods. Essentially, nonverbal cues offer a more accurate measure […]

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Is Workplace Learning and Development Stuck?
Workplace Learning and Development

Workplace learning creates a rich and dynamic environment. It supports growth and development. Engaged professionals feel empowered and energized to find ways to improve and stay on top of their game. Let’s take a look at one company who analyzed their workplace learning. At the end of each year, Towards Maturity, an organization dedicated to […]

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